Monday, October 22, 2012

"OPPA GANGNAM RUN" game contest (Worldwide)

"OPPA GANGNAM RUN" $25 Highscore Contest From PushMania

Every week Pushmania are running contests on there Facebook page (, where players can win real money for playing specific games. The rules are simple, players must play contest game and score more points. 2-5 players with the highest scores wins $10-$30 (1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2, etc).

So, from 21-Oct-2012 till 04-Nov-2012 they are running "OPPA GANGNAM RUN"game contest, where players can win $25 (top 6 players x $4 + $1 for first place). 

- Contest is available Worldwide
- PayPal payments when the contest ends (04-Nov-2012)
- No restrictions
- Simple instructions (like contest picture and submit your score under it)

1 Responses to “"OPPA GANGNAM RUN" game contest (Worldwide)”

Anonymous said...
October 24, 2012 at 3:15 AM

Money just for playing game looks very attractive. Will try it.

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