What's peta2? They are an animal rights group that takes on anyone who abuses animals. From schools that don't allow the choice not to dissect to fashion designers who won't drop fur to fast-food giants that refuse to treat their animals right-if cruelty to animals is taking place, you can bet peta2 will be on it. And not to brag, but they are the largest youth animal rights group in the world-maybe even the universe. How did they get so big? Here's a lil' back-story: It all started back in the summer of 2002, when PETA was looking to expand its animal rights family. Low and behold, peta2 was born (on Warped Tour even)!

On Warped Tour, the bands loved and nurtured peta2 like it was their very own. Soon enough, peta2 was ready to step out into the rest of the world (the World Wide Web, that is) with peta2.com. Before you could say, "I Am Not a Nugget," peta2 was at every major music festival, interviewing everyone from Rise Against to Fall Out Boy and winning campaign after campaign for animals.  Be one of the first 2,000 to complete the online form on their website to receive your free "Fuck Animal Cruelty" stickers. You'll also get a DVD that's all about vegetarianism and animal rights

Copy & paste this link: www.peta2.com/fuck

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