Did you know "Natalie Gulbis" the worlds sexiest Golfer. The recent stir created by LPGA (Ladies Pro Golf Association) golfer, Natalie Gulbis, who posed in nothing but body paint for Sport Illustrated's 2012 Swimsuit edition, may actually benefit the Palisades Episcopal School. Apparently the golfer has put herself in the auction block to raise funds for the school. The Palisades Episcopal silent auction is scheduled for Feb. 25 and the money from auction will go to the Palisades Episcopal School in Charlotte. According to a report by the Christian Post, fans will bid to be a caddy for Gulbis during a round of golf in a U.S.-based LPGA tournament. However, it has also been reported that some critics are speaking against her decision to pose in body paint though her participation is meant to benefit a charity. 

Interestingly, if someone doesn't want to take the risk of losing the opportunity to caddy for Gulbis (or, worse still, lose it in a bidding war), he/she can buy the privilege, for a cool $8,000.
Gulbis, who seems to enjoy using her fame to benefit others, once also appeared in Donald Trump's, "Celebrity Apprentice"... to pay for the Boys and Girls Club in 2009.
In the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, she posed along with two other women professional athletes - Team USA football star, Alex Morgan; and swimmer Natalie Coughlin. According to reports, Gulbis is depicted wearing a green and white bikini with a pink tie in the magazine that often creates controversy for portraying athletes in scanty clothes. The body paint reportedly took 11 hours to apply perfectly.  
The 29-year-old American golfer played her first LPGA event at the age of 14. A short eight years later, she was among the tour's top earners. In 2005, she took home more than $1 million in earnings. She turned pro in 2001 and at the end of 2011 was 51st in the official LPGA money list.


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  1. "Critics" are against her posing in body paint? Hell....someone could come out for "Clean Drinking Water" and there would be some idiot "Critic" condemning that decision. Critics are everywhere. The key is to TUNE THEM OUT. I appreciate Natalie doing this body paint thing. She is HOT!


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