Young teenage boys dream about taking a fantasy girl to their high school prom. But for one Minnesota student, that dream could become a reality. Fed up with receiving rejections from his female classmates, 18-year-old Mike Stone took to Twitter to ask adult film stars if they would accompany him to the prom.

With more than 600 tweets, Mike has received a provisional 'yes' from p*rn star Megan Piper. The 19-year-old's acceptance comes with one small condition - Mike has to pay her air fare for a round trip from Los Angeles to Oakdale, Minnesota. She replied: 'If you can get me there, then yes.' The teenager does not have the money, but hopes to raise the $400 needed with the help of friends.
'I was just thinking of doing something new. I was like, let’s try it out and see if it works.'I just think they’re really cute and I wish I had one for a prom date.'Megan missed out on her own high school prom because she moved from Georgia to Kansas in her senior year.After news of his search became the top post on social news site Reddit at the weekend, Mike received more than 750 Twitter followers overnight. He now hopes that if he does raise the cash for Megan's plane ticket, the school will allow her to attend the prom with him.
His parents or his school knew about his quest, or that Megan had accepted - a situation that has undoubtedly changed now Mike's search has become an Internet sensation.He still hopes to be able to smuggle Megan into the dance should any problems arise. he said: 'One of the teachers who works at my school is a security guard. He was telling me, if I brought a girl from a different school or anything, he would help me out and let them in for free.' The situation recalls the 2004 comedy The Girl Next Door starring Emile Hirsch and Elisha Cuthbert, in which a teenage boy falls in love with his neighbour only to discover she is a former porn star. Other ladies who Mike asked to be his prom date on Twitter include actresses Eva Angelina, Madelyn Marie and Bree Olson, one of Charlie Sheen's live-in girlfriends.


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