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Vodafone’s Fun Zone Games competition - Terms & Conditions
1) The Vodafone Fun Zone Games competition, is organised jointly by Vodafone India Limited, Vodafone Mobile Services Limited, Vodafone West Limited, Vodafone East Limited, Vodafone South Limited, Vodafone Digilink Limited, Vodafone Cellular Limited and Vodafone Spacetel Limited (hereinafter referred to as ‘Organisers’) 
2) This competition (Vodafone Fun Zone Games competition) is open for all subscribers of Vodafone. This competition will be valid from 7 April, 2012 to 20 May, 2012 (competition period) and there is no entrance fee for participating in this offer.
3) This offer is open only to: (i) individuals/residents (over 18 years of age) (ii) active subscribers of Vodafone services (iii) Vodafone subscribers of Andhra Pradesh, Assam and North East, Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai, Orissa, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh East, Uttar Pradesh West, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Jammu & Kashmir.
4) The offer will work in the following manner: (i) A Vodafone subscriber has to log on to the Fun Zone microsite (accessed through during the competition period will need to register his / her details before participating and playing the games listed therein. (ii) The winners to be selected for this competition would be based on the outcome of the highest points scored while paying the games on the microsite. (iii) There will be prizes offered on a weekly basis and at the end of the competition. (iv) Every week, 5 winners will get a ticket to an Indian Premium League cricket match (“weekly first prize”). (v) Every week, 1 winner with highest scores on a weekly basis will get an autographed cricket bat (“weekly second prize”). (vi) Over and above the weekly winners, five (5) winners with the highest score will be selected at the end of the competition and will be gratified with one ticket to the Indian Premium League Final match of 2012 (“bumper prize”). (iv) In case there are multiple Vodafone subscribers with the same highest score during a particular week or at the end of the competition, then the winners will be selected randomly in the presence of an independent auditor.
5) To participate for this offer, the Vodafone subscriber must play the games hosted on the microsite and score maximum or highest points.
 6) Organiser will carry out a proper validation process on the eligible winning Vodafone subscriber and check whether the records and other details provided Vodafone India Limited are in order. Post completions of the successful validation of the selected Vodafone subscribers will the Organiser forward the name to the competent independent auditor for selecting the suitable winners.
 7) The above said Prizes i.e. weekly first and second prize or bumper prize of the competition would need to be collected by the winners within 5 days after the intimation by post or in any other form as may be suitable conveyed by Organiser, failing to which it will lapse automatically.
 8) Winners will be intimated on the Vodafone number mentioned in his/her record available with the Organiser and thereafter separately by post or such other modes as may be suitably determined by the Organiser.
9) The winner can be considered as disqualified for the Prize, in case he/she fails to clear all outstanding dues payable to Vodafone India and / or is not a valid/active Vodafone India subscriber on the date of claiming the Prize.
10) It would be informed to the winner during the verbal intimation that any local levies, taxes, duties or any other statutory liabilities associated with the Prize will have to be solely borne by the winner. The winners Permanent Account Number (PAN) and other details would be taken for record. Compliance with respect to statutory obligations/taxes will be the responsibility of the winners.
11) In case of any mismatch in the information received during the verbal intimation from the winners, the winner would be asked to get the information on record updated within 7 days from the date of verbal intimation.
12) The Bumper Prize and Weekly Prizes would be despatched to the winners address as is made available on record and any other costs, except for the dispatch cost, will have to be borne by the winner in availing the prizes.
13) Organisers are not responsible for guarantees / warrantees about the fitness, quality, suitability etc. of the Bumper Prize and the Weekly Prizes and are not liable for any risks, defects or any deficiency under any circumstances.
14) None of the Prizes offered for the Vodafone ‘Fun Zone Games’ offer is encashable, transferable or exchangeable under any circumstances by any of the winners.
 15) A winning Vodafone subscriber cannot win the Bumper Prize or the Weekly Prizes more than 1 time during the offer validity period.


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