"OPPA GANGNAM RUN" $25 Highscore Contest From PushMania

Every week Pushmania are running contests on there Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pushmania), where players can win real money for playing specific games. The rules are simple, players must play contest game and score more points. 2-5 players with the highest scores wins $10-$30 (1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$2, etc).

So, from 21-Oct-2012 till 04-Nov-2012 they are running "OPPA GANGNAM RUN"game contest, where players can win $25 (top 6 players x $4 + $1 for first place). 

- Contest is available Worldwide
- PayPal payments when the contest ends (04-Nov-2012)
- No restrictions
- Simple instructions (like contest picture and submit your score under it)

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  1. Money just for playing game looks very attractive. Will try it.


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