Participate in our latest Photography Contest "Anticipate the Moment"   Have you as a photographer been able to sense the possible occurrence of a moment? Have you been able to foresee a moment happening just a moment ahead and grab your camera just in the nick of time? We bring you an opportunity to flaunt that six sense talent. 

Inviting Photographers to submit captures of any specific, extraordinary moment. Submit a swan flying or a bride bursting in hysteric laughter, an old couple passing by a young one or birdie caught swimming, anything you find worth a story and a piece of perfect timing. 

Because sometimes, more than the picture sharpness, composition and contrast, it’s the story of the capture that matters 

Last date of submission: 10th August 2015

Eligibility Criteria

  • Anybody, of any nationality is eligible to participate in this contest
  • You need to register yourself on for submitting your entries.
  • Multiple entries are allowed
  • Submitted photos must be a minimum 1024px longest side at 72 dpi
  • Save your photos in RGB/sRGB colour gamut/mode before sending the entry
  • Uploaded Photos must be saved as JPEG, no less than compression 7 (medium)
  • Original files (camera jpeg (not interpolated) or camera RAW if available) of Top 25 Shortlisted Photographs need to be sent to for being considered for the final awards and for best possible reproduction. You will be notified accordingly.
  • Digital adjustments limited to minor cleaning work (de-dusting), levels, curves, color, saturation and contrast work is allowed. Cropping of photos is permitted.
  • Sandwich shots, double exposures and multiple photographs consisting of more than one separate photograph are not eligible.
  • Digitally manipulated photographs will be disqualified and not considered for the contest.
  • Do not include your credentials (name, address etc.) in the picture or the frame. Such photos will not be considered for the contest.

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