How to Play ? 
1.      Make sure you have an account activated to startoff with the activity, if not, please have one created right away. CLICK HERE

2.      The following points should be covered in thearticle:

·        Name and Icon of the app
·        Price of the app (If available)
·        Play store link of the app
·        An introduction on the app, followed by severalscreenshots of how it runs and its use. Make sure to pen down a minimum of 150words on its usage.
·        App compatibility with Android
·        Pleasetake note of the fact that in-built apps (within the phone) will not beconsidered.

3.      Make sure to run through these steps beforegoing any further:
·        The article should be shared through Fan Share withthe type: Recommend App 
·        Make sure to get as creative as possible withthe subject of the article
1.      The best written article will receive theZenTalk essence stamp, a sure honour right?
2.      While the best article will receive a Denon Headphones as well as the Flipkart voucher of a thousand rupees, the top 2 articles willwin the Denon Headphones and the other 5 wins the thousand rupee voucher. Make sure you fit yourself through either one!

Please Note:
Chances are that, we would receive more than 300 applicants.Given such a circumstance, we would have the article divided amongst severalsections like the gallery app or camera app, etc. Only the best articles wouldbe published over the rolling banner. Having selected 7 deserving winners,their articles would be posted over this banner.

Activity Period:
2nd of June to the 2nd of August, till 5:00 P.M.


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