From the first time we started our website back in 2009 we have seen 100s of contest freaks who keep winings from CARs to as simple prize as a sticker, while others find them a waste of time, feeling they will never win. Then there is the occasional player who takes a chance with Lady Luck. The truth is that while many contests are a long shot, some provide a reasonable chance at winning prizes or cash, such as those based on skill or creativity. Even contests based solely on luck are winnable and these tips can help increase the odds...

Here we touch you some fool proof ways to increase your change of winning contests every time all the time, mainly don't lose hope...


Examine the rules closely for the contests you plan to enter. It is worth a couple of minutes to ensure that your entry is not disqualified and it will also enable you to view the odds of winning,  Reading the contest rules is the first thing you do, and the single most important step to winning a contest. You would be surprised by how many entries are thrown out just on this factor alone

Make sure you read the rules prior to entering, and read them through many times. Check out important details such as entry submission date, entry format, model releases, etc. If you have any questions or hesitations about the rules, make sure to ask. Judging a contest between perfect entries is hard enough, so a single violation of the rules will guarantee your entry is thrown out right away.


Not all contest are created equal and not all is your cup of tea. For one thing, if you have to buy something to have a chance to win, don't enter (Please read our Privacy Policy). If you have to complete some sort of program (which usually entails buying things) to enter those annoying pop-ups for free iPods come to mind don't enter (unless it's realistic to complete and free); remember that a lot of these opportunities are about gathering personal information to bug you with advertising down the track. There are plenty of chances to win without jumping through hoops or wasting your money. Beyond that, your decision to enter should be based on your own preferences. 


Make a plan for the type of contests you wish to focus on and make a schedule if you're a regular participant. Even if you only possess 5 to 15 minutes a day to spend on contests, it's the regularity that counts in improving your contest odds.


We all are human (yes, even the judges), and as humans there is something in us that loves a good story. Even in our beginnings thousands of years ago we told stories through cave paintings are so. The best entry is the one that tells a story, evokes an emotion, or conveys an idea. The judges are looking for a connection with the entry one that tells them within the first few seconds of looking at it that yours stands out from the rest. Practice looking for the stories happening around you, whether it is two people conversing on the street, repetition of shapes and colors in nature, or an object caught in action. Whatever your story, be careful to stay within the parameters of the contest and not stray from the core theme.


One of the most helpful ways to get your creative juices flowing is by looking at the work of other contest freak who keep winnings crazy. Look for inspiration from your favorite winners or the abundant contests winners on But more than anything, seek out the work of previous winners of the photo contest you are entering. Most contests use the same judges every year. Viewing the work of past winners can show you what the judges look for in a winner, and you may even see a pattern. As objective as the judges try to be, they are still human. See if there is a trend among previous winners. Let these previous winners be your guide, while being careful to maintain originality.


Whatever happens, don’t give up. If you win the contest, Congratulations! It is a wonderful feeling knowing your hard work has paid off. But you won’t win every contest. Even the best contesters lose. Think of it as an opportunity you had to better yourself, to be more creative, and to have fun! Think of the knowledge you gained and the doors you may have opened. You gained exposure for your work, which in itself is a reward. Look at the winners and see what, if anything, you can learn from their work. In the end, even if you lost, don’t let it keep you from trying again! I think it is best said in a quote by Mary Pickford: “For this thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.” Never give up on your work. If you didn’t win this contest, try another.

I hope these tips were helpful to any of you who are considering entering a contest/sweepstakes. For those who have entered contests before, what things did you learn coming out of it and what advice would you give to those who are looking to ENTER ?


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