Remember the times when you fought with your sibling over a remote control, made fun of each other in front of friends and hid stuff just to drive the other insane? Yup. Those were the “Wonder Years” that can never be truly forgotten. It is during this time that we lay the foundation of a relationship that lives on forever, both in good times and in bad.
We all, more often than not, eventually part ways to complete the rest of our journey called "life", but all our journeys were started more or less in tow with our siblings. Join up on the journey through the crossroads of life and relive those memories this Raksha Bandhan all over again!

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What do the winners get?

We will sponsor round-trip tickets and a OnePlus 2 for one winner. The winner will get to fly, meet their sibling and gift them a OnePlus 2 smartphone.

Apart from this, 20 best entries will receive a OnePlus 2 invite each


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