Invite your friends to play the game of Spin More To Havmor & you could win many more chances to spin! Play today to win gadgets, vouchers and goodies CLiCK HERE

  • To play the game, you need to earn points. The way to earn them is by completing specific tasks, as mentioned in the 'Earn Points' section.
  • Once you collect 100 points, you get a chance to spin the wheel.
  • You will get a reward based on where the ticker lands after you spin the wheel.


  • The terms and conditions set out below explain and govern the nature and scope of relationship and interaction between you and Havmor. By participating in this Spin More To Havmor, you hereby agree that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the below terms and conditions for participation in this Spin More To Havmor. Failure to comply with any of these terms and conditions will disqualify you from the Spin More To Havmor
  • The 'Spin More To Havmor' is valid and live till 15th November, 2015
  • This Spin More To Havmor is a engagement program based on the nature and extent of your engagement with Havmor's Facebook page where participants can collect Havmor Points ("Points") which may be redeemed for rewards ("Spin The Wheel") as set out herein.
  • This Spin More To Havmor and all Havmor Rewards are for promotional purposes only.
  • Participation is voluntary. No purchase or payment of any kind is required in order to participate in this Spin More To Havmor and this is being made available free of charge subject to compliance with these terms and conditions.
  • This Spin More To Havmor is made available and open only to residents of India who are Facebook account holders. Participation through multiple accounts is not permitted and Havmor reserves the right to terminate such multiple account participation by a single user at its sole discretion.
  • Decision(s) taken by Havmor in relation to the Spin More To Havmor, points and/ or redemption of the Points against Havmor Rewards and participation in the Spin More To Havmor shall be final and noncontestable. Havmor will not entertain any correspondence or communication in this regard.
  • Havmor reserves the right to terminate or disqualify any participant at its sole discretion for reasons including actual or potential violation of the terms and conditions of the Spin More To Havmor. Such terminated / disqualified users shall not be entitled to participate in the Spin More To Havmor or be eligible for any Points or Havmor Rewards, and any accumulated Points shall be forfeited
  • The Points are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, not redeemable for cash, and can only be redeemed against the Havmor Rewards, as specified herein. IT IS HEREBY CLARIFIED THAT THE POINTS DO NOT HAVE ANY MONETARY REFUND VALUE ATTACHED. IN NO EVENT, AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL, SUCH POINTS BE CONSTRUED TO MEAN, OR AS BEING EQUIVALENT TO, CASH, MONEY OR CURRENCY OF ANY DENOMINATION.


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