Why? This is the wish tree planted and taken care of by Intex. All you have to do is make a wish and put it on the tree.
How does it work? CLICK HERE
You start with some points.As soon as you put your wish, you get 300 Points. Make sure you make it carefully. You cannot do it again. CLICK HERE
Keep watering your wish. If you miss, 20 Points will be deducted. If you share someone's wish, you get 100 Points. If you comment on someone's wish, you get 80 Points. If you like someone's wish, you get 40 Points. If somebody shares your wish, you get 50 Points. If somebody comments on your wish, you get 40 Points. If somebody likes your wish, you get 20 Points.
The wish with the most points gets recognized by Intex and can get fulfilled.

May the best wish come true


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