What you have to do to take home an iPhone6+

Set the above Image as your profile pic with a description and share the same on your timeline, gather maximum likes on your profile pic and also write in comment on this post on Zoook Page how did you like the #Zoook Rocker Soulmate. CLICK HERE for more details.

“Example: On this very post you may write something like I loved the design of ZOOOK Rocker soulmate. Then set this image as your profile pic, add description to the profile pic and then start sharing the post, inviting friends, Tagging friends and asking friends to Like & Share your profile pic”

Special Mantra: Use #zoook and @zoook everywhere you can.

Very Important Note: iPhone 6+ winner will be declared through a lucky draw, For Winning Iphone 6+ you only need to set this image as your profile pic. ( That means set the below image as your profile pic and write something about this product in this post)

Contest duration: 23rd feb to 29th Feb. 2016

Total no. of winners – 7

Prizes – 1 x Iphone 6+
- 5 x Zoook Rocker Soulmate Bluetooth Earphones.
- 1 Special Gift for special reason ( will confirm at the end of the contest)

1- Set this image as your profile pic with a description
2- Maximize shares
3- Maximize Likes
4- Maximum Tagging
5- Use #Zoook and ZOOOK everywhere
6- Comment How did you like Zoook Rocker Armor XL on Zoook Post itself?

No. Of winners: 7

Iphone 6+ for setting image as profile pic = 1
Maximum shares of the post = 2
Maximum Tagging = 2
Maximum likes on the profile pic = 1
Special Reason = 1 Special Gift

Important note: You will only be eligible for the contest if you like Zoook page on www.facebook.com/gozoook/

* This contest is valid only in India.


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