Wanda is a master of disguise. Where is she now? Zoom in to find her and other secrets you stand a chance to win a ‪#‎ZenFoneZoom‬ if you play now CLICK HERE


You're a journalist, and your editor has handed you the assignment of a lifetime - to search for the mysterious and sensational, Wanda. There's no time to lose! You hop on the plane with your ZenFone Zoom to Vernazza, Italy, the last location Wanda was spotted. You have to uncover Wanda's identity at all cost. Good luck!

But who is this mysterious Wanda? What does she look like? Where will you begin?

It all started 2 years ago on a very ordinary day. Wanda was 20 years old, living an oridnary life. Doing ordinary things. But Wanda yearned for more. Armed with an adventurous spirit, and insatiable curiosity, she set off to discover and to share her passion for music, exotic cuisine, and art in a place she calls Wanda's World.

With 50 million subscribers now following her every move, Wanda continues to travel the world in search of new trends and hidden gems. Wanda has kept her identity a secret and it's her intention to remain anonymous. She wants to inspire her followers to live through her as a vessel to their dreams and aspirations. And she hopes they'll join her in her many exciting adventures.


Wanda's venture will take her to 3 very exciting and different cities.
Your task is to find Wanda hidden in 12 different places in total. That means 4 Wandas in each city.
Clues embedded in the story and the ZenFone 3X optical zoom capability will help you find Wanda. When you find her, take a photo of Wanda. You'll receive a confirmation message with each successful attempt.
Amazing and spectacular bonuses and surprises will appear as you venture into the different cities in search for Wanda. There will be things that make you smile, wonder or even frown.
Look out for Easter Eggs:
- Wanda's items
- ASUS logos
- Intel logos
- Zennys, the ASUS mascot
When you successfully find Wanda, all 12 of them, you'll be invited to upload your own photo. Your approved photo will be incorporated into the Wanda's World for your next adventure. Find your photo and those of your friends, as well as other amazing surprises ASUS has instore for you.

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