Who doesn't love Free Stuff, so Companies looking for best marketing stop looking at spending 1000s of dollars on marketing cost which hardly have any results and  start giving away (more) free stuff.

It’s weird how in the online universe, free stuff is practically the norm. We get free email, free storage, free movies, free books, free apps, etc. But try to ask for one free French fry and the McDonald attendant will look at you like you’re worlds Most Wanted.

And we are not talking about samples, either. Samples are one thing. Free stuff is another.
There's a difference between saying, “Here's something I want you to try to see if you like for future purchases,” and saying, “Now that you’ve bought something (or even if you didn’t), here's a little something else I hope will benefit you.”
This is why giving a free box of candies (or headphones or toys) to customers is usually more effective in drawing clients than a person standing at the corner serving free candy bits.
And now for the open secret: These two things are really the same thing. A sample is nothing more than a free gift; a free gift is nothing if not a way to get people to decide to pay for more of the corporation’s products.
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