We've been waiting to hear what you have to say! So here's a to-do list for Today 
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Category of Article
Length of article
Tips & Tricks
50 to 100 words
Short, brief, catchy and easy to consume snippets which convey a   simple trick or tip about honor devices.
Device Review
500-700 words
An in-depth review about any honor product you like. What is most   important is the individuality & originality of your article. We are   looking for content that is honest, frank and non patronizing.
Feature Review
300-500  words
Review a specific Honor feature. Give it the publicity it deserves.   Talk about it, scrutinize it, critique it or praise it, say what you want.   After all this is a free forum.
My Experience
50-100 words
Share with us the wonderful experiences and memories that owning an   Honor phone has brought into your life. Not just that, Tell us why the phone   is so close to your heart, be it a cool photo or video, a brand new theme   idea or your favorite app. go crazy, be creative.

Prizes to Win : 

Award Category for best content : Win Bluetooth Speakers

Award Category for most popular writer  : Win special Edition Honor 4X
Award Category for honest critic  : Win 16 GB Pen Drive


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