Here is your chance to showcase what you have got. Octopi are known for their intellect and creativity. 

Their eight arms are a symbol of coming together of multiple kinds of thoughts and a multi-faceted personality. We hope that settles why this contest is named this odd way. CLICK HERE

1. A certificate stating your participation or position earned.
2. Cash prizes (no coupons or vouchers, but hard, green cash!) (Open for all categories)
1st prize: 1000 INR
2nd prize: 750 INR
3rd prize: 500 INR
2 Appreciable effort prizes: 250 INR each
3. Shopping vouchers from GUILTY PLEASURE, the online store.
4. A chance to get featured in the upcoming anthologies, FOUR HUNDRED, COFFEE TALES, Some Handpicked Photo Stories, etc. with full attribution to the author.
5. Opportunity to feature their piece on ANOL with full attribution and author picture.
6. A free copy of the fully illustrated anthology, TWO HUNDRED, curated and designed by Mansi Laus Deo and Yuimi Vashum.
All the participants will receive a personal review email from the jury. This way, everybody wins.


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