When Chanakya was thrown out of the Nanda court by the king, he swore revenge. While in Magadha, he met Chandragupta by chance and spotted great military and executive abilities in the young price. Chanakya was impressed by Chandragupta’s personality and intelligence, and immediately took the young boy under his wing to fulfill his silent vow.

Chanakya trained Chandragupta under his guidance and together they planned the destruction of the Nanda Empire. They were initially rebuffed by the Nanda forces. Regardless, in the ensuing war, Chandragupta faced off against Bhadrasala commander of Dhana Nanda's armies. He was eventually able to defeat Bhadrasala and Dhana Nanda in a series of battles, ending with the siege of the capital city, Pataliputra, and the conquest of the Nanda Empire around 321 BCE. This laid the foundation for the powerful Mauryan Empire in Northern India by the time Chandragupta was just about 20 years old.

Later Chandragupta succeeded in conquering and subjugating almost all of the Indian subcontinent by the end of his reign, except the Tamil regions (Chera, Chola and Pandya) and modern day state Odisha (Kalinga). His empire extended from Bengal in the east, to Afghanistan and Balochistan in the west, to the Himalayas and Kashmir in the north and to the Deccan Plateau in the south. It was the largest empire yet seen in Indian history.

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