Answer this simple question & three winners will win sarees of their choice from Triveni Ethnics

Giveaway Rules:

1. Like Zig Zac Mania Blog page on Facebook.
2. Like page on Facebook.
3. Share this giveaway post (public) on your Facebook timeline tagging at least 7 friends of yours. Do use #EthnicOMania while sharing the post.
4. Answer this simple question in the comment box of the giveaway post.
5. Whom you feel as a person who dressed herself best in saree (she could be your role model or inspiration also) and why?
6. Three entries with most creative and original ideas would be given prizes. Winners would be chosen by neutral judges and their sole discretion is valid.

Additional Information:
1. You can also follow us on:
a. Instagram: anjali_sengar and triveniethnics.
b. Twitter: @himanju23 and @triveniethnics
2. This giveaway is valid for Indian resident above 18 years.
2. People unfollowing on later stages may get disqualified from participating in future giveaways.
3. The giveaway starts on 30th June and is ending on 20th July.
4. Triveni Ethnics will be responsible for sending prizes to the winners.
5. Please do not send private messages or mails during giveaway, such entries will be disqualified automatically.
6. All participants are requested to read all the details carefully; no clarification will be given later on.

1.Three winners will be chosen and would be prized each with a saree from the MRP bracket rewarded to them respectively.
The sarees chosen by winners should be strictly from the respective links only. If chosen from outside, it could lead to disqualification.
* However the discretion of results and gifts would be in hands of promoter and contest organizers.*
2.Here are the links to choose saree of your choice:
a. First winner:
b. Second winner:
c. Third winner:


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