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The relationship of reward and fans number
Fans number : Reward
100-500 : $0.2
500-1000 : $0.5
1000-5000 : $1
5000-10k : $1.5
10k-20k : $3
Thanks Ravi for sharing this post.

When your reward reaches to $50, you can get cash, we will charge 10% ATA fees. That is, if you want to take 100 dollars out, you need to pay 10 dollars as the operating cost, and you will get 90 dollars in your paypal account.

Instead of getting cash, you can buy the Gift Card via the reward,and the value of Gift Card is beyond the reward you pay, such as, you can pay 100 dollars reward to buy a Gift Card worthing $150.You can use the Gift Card in Elephone website to buy every product or give it to your friend.

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