Who doesn't want to win prizes.. so our Team @ FforFree.net have created some awesome tips to make any contests or sweepstakes or giveaways winning easy peasy :)

Foremost Enter as Many Contests as Possible

As you enter a single giveaway you will have to have a lot of luck to get picked as the winner. But if you enter 100s of different prize competitions every month, the likelihood of a win soars, so try to enter as many different contests as you can...

Enter as Often as Allowed  by the rules

Sponsors give you the chance to enter into contests daily, weekly or monthly, since many people will enter only once or twice the chances of your name being drawn as the winner if you enter regularly will be significantly higher...

Focus on what you really wan to win

There are moore contests running at any point than you could possibly enter. So its always good idea to focus your efforts on prizes that you really want to win. You dont go buy all food in a grocery market at once right you buy what you really need. So focus your energy & dedicated on the giveaways with prizes you really want to win...
Contests with Lots of Prizes
The more prizes a contests offers the better your chances to win. Giveaway that is offering 100 prizes is going to be a 100 times easier to win than a giveaway with 1 prize. Even if some of the prizes are smaller in value you'll feel encouraged when you receive the notification that you have won... Woohoooo

Check for Restrictions by Age or Gender

Sponsors restrict entry by specific age ranges or genders. For example most contests allow entry by people over 18 years of age, but some restrict entry to 21+. If you are above 21 years of age, these restrictions cut down your competition and increase your odds. Similarly, if only women are allowed to enter a contest, you'll only have to worry about competition from about half of the population... how about that ladies ;)

Big YES to Local Contests

Many contests now a days are only open to a restricted city, or even a single state or even a specific location. Local contests are a treasure trove for contest hunters, since the number of entries is usually a mere fraction of the entries received by national level. Enter every local contests that you can find and become a local HERO..

Say NO to Aggressively Advertised Contests

If you see a contests that is advertised in newspapers, on TVand on the radio, you can guess that the number of entries is going to beat even Mt.everest right and your chances of winning are very low. So focus your energy on sweepstakes that do not advertise so aggressively... FforFree.net is the best place for such contests.

Short Entry Periods.. We LOVE It..

Some contests have entry periods of only a week or 2 while others last a year or more. The longer the contests entry period is the more people will find and enter it. Since many people overlook contests that are only available for a limited time your chances to win will grow high...

FINALLY More Difficult the Entry the Less Competition you Have

Contests, Giveaways, Sweepstakes might require you to jump through mountains by providing questions or requiring you to fill out a survey. While this might slow down your entry time many other entrants will also get frustrated and give up at the last minute meaning your chances of winning will be higher if you complete it. Skill based contests are on the rise which require that entrants submit a piece of writing, a recipe, or something similar, have even fewer submissions. So say a big yes to such contests.. Utilize your talents..

Worldwide Contests are on the RISE..

Worldwide contests may seem more participants but the prizes are of premium quality so give them a try when you have free time who know you might win your favorite Macbook or iPhone easy... You can find all the Worldwide contests in this LINK

Hope this help, if you liked it please leave a comment below and share with your Family and Friends so you can win more...

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