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We at are striving hard and working has a team day in and out so all our fans participate in the best contests in India and worldwide, but this is an exception with the residents of Tamil Nadu ? so WHY Residents of Tamilnadu are NOT allowed to participate in prize contest ?

The answer is the state governmnet of Tamil Nadu has passed a law The Tamil Nadu Prize Schemes (Prohibition) Act way back in 1979 which prohibits companies to give any prizes on the sale of products. Contravening these provisions is made a criminal offense where offenders may be punished with up to three years of imprisonment.

No other state in India has made a specific law banning prize schemes on products, similar to the Prize Schemes Act of Tamil Nadu. Companies have assumed that there would be no other laws prohibiting such schemes, forgetting the provisions in the Consumer Protection Act and the applicability of lottery laws to these competitions.

In 2015 a political party in Tamil Nadu has raised its contention against the advertisement campaign of e-commerce major Amazon in the state as in the company's One Kilo Gold contest, residents of the state have been excluded from being eligible for the prize under the official rules of the contest.

In response, India spokesperson said, "The contest is prohibited in the state of Tamil Nadu under the Tamil Nadu Prize Schemes (Prohibition) Act, 1979 and hence, the residents of Tamil Nadu are not eligible to participate in the Contest."

But weirdly its the same state government who provides the best freebies do its residents during the time of elections lol

So here is the answer for all folks from tamil nadu of why companies ban distributing prizes for products sold in state of Tamil Nadu.. 

Any further queries leave it in the comment below so we can answer it..

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