So one day I saw this Amazon treasure hunt contest on So installed the amazon app to give it a shot,was just checking the offers and deals on the app where I got to know about the Amazon Treasure Hunt contest(for people who do no know, its an offer where they provide a clue whose answer is a product and that product's price is ₹.1 only)

They uploaded a new clue every 15 mins and you have to think at the speed of light as the stock finishes in 15-30 seconds. I was addicted to this contest and the whole day I was trying to get something at ₹ 1. That moment finally came when I ordered a Breaking Bad DVD set for just ₹ 1 which also had a DIARY and a T SHIRT included whose actual price was around ₹ 5000 :)

The order was delivered the next day only ,but when I opened the package I  was surprised that DIARY and the SHIRT were not included. Being an ardent follower of Breaking Bad, I was very disappointed that the T SHIRT was missing So I called the customer service and told them about the problem. The lady was very kind and said that they will compensate for it by giving me a gift card of ₹ 300 and hung up and I received it within 1 hour :)

The next thing I did was check out the Breaking Bad T shirts on Amazon.And again I was disappointed to find that all T shirts cost more than ₹ 500. So I emailed them once more saying that you compensated very less for the missing items. So this was what I received 

I received ₹ 600 more & this was within 5 minutes of writing my email. I was astonished to see such a rapid and considerate action.

I was the happiest person that day. It goes to show how Amazon treats its customers, not just a source of earning money but with gratitude and respect. They didn't need to do that as the product was sold for just ₹ 1 and they could have said that you have got enough for the price you paid but they didn't.. Now I am a dedicated customer of Amazon and thanks to for such awesome offers

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