HCL Healthcare brings #HealthOnCanvas #contest We know how important it is to introduce healthy habits at a young age Select the relevant category and let children imagine health in a refreshing way. Participate now for a chance to win an Amazon Kindle and gifts worth upto 5K

  1. Open for submission of entries from 19th April to 1st May, 2017 ( till 11:59 pm)
  2. Open for voting till 8th May, 2017 (till 11:59 pm)
  3. Winners will be announced by 18th May, 2017
(a) To submit your entry > Click on the website link above and select one of the four themes as per the relevant category of the child’s age-
  1. 3-6 years: My Favourite Fruit
  2. 7-10 years: How do my parents keep me healthy
  3. 11-15 years: My Healthy India
  4. 16-20 years: Importance of being healthy
(b) Participants should digitize the drawing/painting preferably by scanning or by clicking a High Definition photograph of the same (not exceeding 10 MB) and upload it after filling the correct details in the form provided alongside.

(c) The digitized picture should be uploaded ONLY on the link - http://bit.ly/HOCcontest, and tag your friends in the comments section of the contest post (HCL Healthcare’s FB/Twitter pages) to invite votes for your entry.

(d) All Paintings submitted must be original work of the child from your family and must be created under supervision of a caretaker and should not have been submitted elsewhere in any online contest.

(e) By submitting the entry, it would be considered that the participant agrees that the works submitted would be made public and HCL Healthcare can utilize the same artwork in any medium, form or place of its choosing.

(f) Participants must ensure image has been uploaded properly. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that the painting is correctly uploaded.

(g) The child must be a family member of the participant who will be uploading the artwork on the website; otherwise the artwork woold stand disqualified.
(h)For deciding the winners the votes ONLY on the microsite will be counted and not on any other medium.
(i) Relatability with the given theme will be given weightage in deciding the winner.
(j) The participant must agree to share the following things by participating in this campaign - a Photo of the Artist (in this case the child) holding the submitted drawing and your Mail Address, Email, Mobile No & a photo Identity (Aadhar, PAN or any other authorised identity proof issued by Govt of India).
3. Prizes for the contest
  1. Amazon Kindle - one overall winner, based on maximum number of votes(any category).
  2. 1st place - Rs. 5000 Amazon Gift Voucher + Certificate (1 winner per category).
  3. 2nd Place - Rs. 1000 Amazon Gift Voucher + Certificate (1 winner per category).
  4. 3rd Place - 12 Consolation Prizes - Certificate of Participation (3 winners per category).
  5. Health Privileges by HCL Healthcare to all the above winners of the contest.
4. Results would be announced by 18th May, 2017.

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