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To Participate in the offer, Consumers will have to purchase Kohinoor Organic Brown Basmati (1kg), Kohinoor Organic White (1kg), Kohinoor Platinum (1kg & 5Kg) and Kohinoor Gold (1kg & 5Kg) only by visiting - India’s largest online food and grocery store.
When Participant completes the purchase within the Offer Period, such entries will be considered for winner selection subject to other Terms & Conditions of the Offer.
The organizers shall not be responsible for:

  • 1. For any SPAM, generated messages.
  • 2. For the Operator Code, not being displayed on the user’s mobile phones.
  • 3. For any failed online purchase transaction, due to internet connection or any other reason whatsoever.
  • 4. Any lost, late or misdirected computer transmission or network, electronic failures or any kind of any failure to receive entries owing to transmission failures or due to any technical reason.
  • 5. If the participant has registered himself to the DND of the telecom provider/ the participant has registered with National Do Not Call Registry/ Participant has specifically requested for not receiving messages for the specific campaign.
  • 6. Other conditions beyond its reasonable control.
Winner Selection:
A draw through random selection process will be conducted at the end of the offer period (refer the offer period above) for selecting winners.
Winner selection is subjected to Organizers’ receiving entries in a week. In case the entries are less than the total KSFIPL prizes to be given, the KSFIPL prizes would be declared in descending order of their value till the entries suffice.
KSFIPL prizes will be given subject to the winner satisfying the verification process of Offer. The KSFIPL prizes cannot be transferred, exchanged or redeemed for cash. In the event that the winner does not take the KSFIPL prizes in the time and manner stipulated, then the KSFIPL prizes will be forfeited. KSFIPL prizes must be taken as offered and cannot be varied. Any unused KSFIPL prizes is not-transferable, non-refundable and non-redeemable for other goods or services and cannot be exchanged for cash.
The KSFIPL prizes will be provided on an “as-is basis" and without any warranty or guarantee concerning the quality, suitability or comfort, and the Organizers, KSFIPL, their associates, affiliates, directors, officers, agents, representatives shall not be responsible or liable for including but not limited to the product and service liabilities any claim in this regard.Efficiency and/ or defect of any product/service and/or the KSFIPL prizes or for any kind of consequential damages/ loss, in any manner whatsoever. If any Participant has any grievance with respect to the KSFIPL prizes, he/she may directly contact the manufacturer / Service Provider.
The image of the KSFIPL prizes depicted on the ads/posters/TVC’s/pack shots etc. are indicative only and the actual KSFIPL prizes/ look of the KSFIPL prizes may vary from the pictures.
Organizers shall not be liable for cancellation / amendment of the scheme, any loss or damage of the KSFIPL prizes on account of Act of God, Governmental action and other Force Majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any compensation whatsoever. Participants who have already won any KSFIPL prizes during the Offer Period shall not be eligible to win any further KSFIPL prizes except for participation in Mega KSFIPL prizes. Valid entry criterion shall be a valid unique code + unique mobile number. The Winner shall pay all taxes including but not limited to the applicable income tax and it shall be the condition precedent before the KSFIPL prizes is finally provided to the winner. Contacting Winners.
Contacting Winners:
Once the Participants are shortlisted, the Organizers shall contact each on the mobile number provided by the Participant at the time of registration.
In the event the shortlisted winner’s number is busy, unreachable, or he/she does not attend the call, two (2) more attempts will be made to reach the Participant on that day and/or the next day. If even on the third attempt, the Participant does not attend the call, or is unreachable, the Participant’s participation in the Offer will come to an end and the Participant’s entry will not be considered for the KSFIPL prizes.
If any shortlisted winner remains unreachable on the third attempt or is not interested in continuing in the Offer or is otherwise ineligible to participate, the Organizers will conduct up to two (2) more random selections to shortlist a Participant. If even after a third random selection, no winner is selected, no KSFIPL prizes shall be declared in respect of that particular week of the Offer.
Grand Prize: Trip to Disneyland Hongkong for four people:
(i) At the end of the contest period, 1 entry will be chosen for the Grand Prize from amongst all valid entries received in promo period by randomized computer selection.
(ii) This trip will be sponsored by KSFIPL which will include travel and all meals for a family of maximum FOUR members. (Two adults & two kids).
(iii) All the FOUR members must be from the same family and with immediate relations (For example - Husband, Wife and two children).
(iv) Adults must be with an age of 18+ years and kids must be in range of 0-12 years.
Names of such winners will also be published on upon the aforesaid selection. Upon receipt of intimation about winning, the winner(s) shall mail the following self- attested documents to :.
  • 1. A copy of photo identity proof- Passport/ Driving License/ PAN card/Voter ID Card/Aadhar Card/ Government Employment ID card/any other ID issued by the Government of India.
  • 2. A copy of address proof (electricity bill, mobile bill, passport or any other document that is admissible as an Address Proof as per the document issued by the Government of India).
  • 3. A copy of the PAN Card or Form 60 as per the Income Tax rules.
  • 4. Age Proof.
The KSFIPL prizes will be dispatched to the Confirmed Winners after the above formalities are successfully completed.
No KSFIPL prizes will be awarded if the information presented by the Participant(s) at the time of entering the Offer is found to be incorrect either by the independent auditor or the Organizers basis the information earlier shared by the participant at the time of first contact.
KSFIPL will not entertain any exchange, refund or transfer of any prizes at no circumstances for this offer. The KSFIPL prizes will have to be availed by the confirmed winner only, else the same will be forfeited as these KSFIPL prizes are strictly NON-TRANSFERRABLE at any circumstance. The KSFIPL prizes will be provided to the confirmed winners after the above formalities are successfully completed. In the event of death of the confirmed winner, no claim from the nominee or his/her legal heirs shall be entertained for receiving the KSFIPL prizes.
Courier Requirements:
Stipulations of the courier service –.
KSFIPL prizes will be dispatched to the Confirmed Winners via Courier, whilst carrying the KSFIPL prizes for the confirmed winner; the courier will carry a No-Claims letter for the Confirmed Winner and an acknowledgement receipt (POD). The KSFIPL prizes will be given to the Confirmed Winner or an authorized family member of the Confirmed Winner (in the event the Confirmed Winner is not available at the designated address).
The courier shall ask the Confirmed Winner to sign the acknowledgement receipt (POD) as a proof of receipt of the KSFIPL prizes, without which the KSFIPL prizes will not be handed over to the winners.
If the Confirmed Winner or the family member of the winner present at the address does not cooperate as per the requirements mentioned herein with the courier, the KSFIPL prizes will not be given and the KSFIPL prizes will stand forfeited and/or winner would be required to personally collect the KSFIPL prizes from the designated location at their own cost and expense. The courier shall collect the signed No Claims Letter, the signed POD and a self-attested Photo ID from the winner.
If the Confirmed Winner is not available at the given address, the courier will make 2 more attempts to deliver the KSFIPL prizes. If still unsuccessful, the courier shall make no further attempts to deliver the KSFIPL prizes. The Confirmed Winner shall be responsible to pick-up the KSFIPL prizes from either the courier or Organizer’s office, based on where the KSFIPL prizes is deposited at the time of collection. The Confirmed Winner agrees to bear all costs and expenses in relation to collection of KSFIPL prizes from the courier or designated location. If the winner fails to pick up the KSFIPL prizes from the courier or Organizers office within a week of information, the KSFIPL prizes will stand forfeited.

Following KSFIPL prizes to be won:
  • 1. One Grand Prize - A family trip to Disneyland (HongKong)
  • 2. Two Mega Prize - iPhone 7
  • 3. Three Bumper Prize – Microwaves

Offer will commence from midnight of 25th April, 2017 for 52 days. Entries received before or after the Offer Period will not be considered eligible for Offer. The Participants can make an entry any time during the Offer Period however weekly winner generation will be for the entries received with the respective week. Time of participation will be considered the time at which the entry is received through the ‘SMS’ mode or the ‘Online’ mode of participation.

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