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Steps to Enter: 
  1. Like and follow their all social handle ENTER HERE
  2. Like their facebook page:
  3. Answer questions posted with a predefined hashtag #KnightClub
  4. More details CLICK HERE
Contest will be conducted during the Show on 13.04.2017, 21.04.2017, 26.04.2017, 03.05.2017, 13.05.2017­­­­­­­­­­­­­, or such other date/time as may be decided by STAR tv.

Contest is a game of knowledge and skill whereby the Participants would have to provide correct answers to minimum one (1) question asked from the two (2) questions on each Contest Day. An official announcement shall be made on the Network Handles and/or on the Channels inviting Twitter and Facebook users to watch the Show on Contest Days on the Channels and share tweets on Twitter or replies on the Star Sports Page during the Contest Days, containing the answers to questions first announced on the show and/or subsequently on the “Contest Questions. The answers to Contest Questions will be announced on the subsequent episode of the Show and/or on the Network handles. Any person who wishes to participate in the Contest shall fulfill all of the following requirements in order to qualify for participation:

(a)     All Participants must be valid users of Twitter/Facebook, as applicable, and must be residing in India during the Contest Days.

(b)     Each Participant is required to visit the Network Handles, as applicable and “follow”/”like” (as may be applicable) the respective Network Handle.

(c)      The Participant should submit their entry containing their answers to the Contest Questions in the form of a tweet posted through the Participant’s Twitter account, or through a comment posted through the Participant’s Facebook account in response to the post containing the relevant Contest Question on the Star Sports Page. Each Entry: (1) if sent through Twitter, should contain the pre-decided hashtag for the Contest, i.e. #KnightClub and should contain the Star Sports Handle (@starsportsindia); (2) if sent through Facebook, should be a comment on the Facebook post containing the Contest Question and should contain the pre-decided hashtag for the Contest, i.e. #KnightClub; and (3) answer to Contest Question for every Contest Day should be submitted on the respective Contest Day itself

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