To prepare a body for surgery a liquid diet is required. This diet promotes achieving successful results. Liquid diet prepares the body mentally and physically for the upcoming changes such as new eating habits and new lifestyle. This type of diet is not necessary on a constant basis and is quite enough for pre-op period.

As a rule, the liquid diets cannot be considered as a long-term way to get a significant reduction of weight. Nevertheless, in short term perspective a liquid diet can bring many benefits. It is often applied for particular surgery procedures, and during the postoperative or preoperative period. The diet is very strict, but it provides decent results and effects.

Before surgery procedures (e.g., gastric sleeve) it may be requested for the patients to follow this type of diet. The surgeon determines the necessity of liquid diet according to certain factors, the main of which is the Body Mass Index. This index of a patient determines the time requested for the diet before operation. The standard periods depend on the following body mass indexes:

Less than 35 – diet is not necessary. However, if a patient is prudent to perform a liquid diet to prepare itself mentally, the diet can be done a couple days before operation.

35 - 42 - diet is to be done for one week before operation.

42 - 45 - diet is to be done for two weeks before operation.

More than 45 – the period is calculated accordance with the patient's weight in pounds. E.g., a diet has to be done for three weeks before operation for patients of 300 lbs.

During the liquid diet, a patient must consume fluids that are low in calories and sugar. The main emphasis is made on high content of protein and low amount of fat and carbs. For this reason, it is possible to use weight loss shakes within the diet. Have a look at the following option that suit the liquid diet.

Myoplex Lite Shake

This shake provides the most essential and useful ingredients when on a liquid diet. The shake provides 180 calories to substitute a full meal. Besides, each serving of Myoplex supplies 20 grams of protein, and 1 gram of sugar. The shake contains different blends of protein including soy and whey. Calcium caseinate and essential amino acids are also added to the formula of Myoplex Lite Shake. It should be note that the shake contains many artificial ingredients that are potentially harmful.

Slim Fast Shake

This product also supplies almost the same nutritional figures similar to Myoplex. The key difference is the quality of protein. Slim Fast Shake offers 20 grams of protein coming from milk protein concentrate and calcium caseinate. The shake is fortified with artificial ingredients and food colorings.

Isopure Whey Protein Isolate

This protein shake offers 25g of high quality whey protein isolate per serving. Isopure Whey Protein Isolate is free of lactose, carbs, fat, fillers, and sugars. This shake is unflavored, so you will not even taste it when using with food or beverage. Actually, this product is pure protein that can be supplemented with different additives for better effect.

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