As a rule, the most known and popular destinations are overfilled with tourists and seem not so attractive anymore due to the lack of uniqueness. However, there are always the little-known places that hide many interesting and mysterious things for a curious finder.

Ukraine can be called an exotic country despite of its location in the heart of Europe. Most inveterate travelers began to discover this country quite recently. If you are one of them, you can visit, where one can find interesting and valuable information about Ukraine and its culture. Nevertheless, we decided to help and prepared a review of some out-of-the-way Ukrainian destinations.

Kamiani Mohyly (Stone Graves)

The name of this natural landmark is translates as “Stone Graves”. Kamiani Mohyly is a highland in the miniature. In this destination, the tourists can observe numerous natural sculptures and stone creations that resemble the artist's’ imagination. The unique granites located in this natural boundary have no analogues in the world and their age is around two billion years.

According to one legend, this place was a large city that was bewitched by an angry sorcerer. Nowadays, Kamiani Mohyly are the part of the Ukrainian National Steppe Natural Park of the National Academy of Sciences.

Love Tunnel

This romantic place is located along the railway line near the settlement Klevan (Rivne Region). The tunnel is considered a botanical phenomenon, and was formed by thickets of trees and bushes that were densely weaved in the form of arch. According to the locals’ popular belief, if couple kisses during the walk on the tunnel, their love will be everlasting. For this reason, this place attracts lovers from all parts of Ukraine. The Love Tunnel is especially beautiful in the summer and in the autumn.

Shipot Waterfall

This picturesque waterfall is located in the deep canyon of Pilipets River on northern slopes of the Borzhava Massif that lies in Carpathians. Shipot is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine. The streams of waters fall from a 14-meter height by several cascades and dissipate in a cloud  of drops. The waterfall is known beyond Ukraine and visited by tourists from all over the world.

Granite-Steppe Lands of Buh

According to the researchers, this area has not been under the water for 60 million years. The name of the area is Granite-steppe lands of Buh that is located in the northwestern part of the Mykolaiv region. Actually, this area is recognized as the national natural park of Ukraine.

The park is spread along the Southern Buh River and includes the Aktove Canyon. These steppe lands provide numerous attraction including river rafting, rock climbing and cycling routes. The park is famous for a huge number of endangered flora and fauna species.

Svitiaz Lake

Svitiaz Lake is the deepest and largest natural lake in Ukraine located in the Rivne region. The lake is fed by underground waters and artesian sources. The water in the lake is so transparent that one can see its bottom regardless of a huge depth.

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