Exciting Branded Products that you may not normally find elsewhere, will be up for bidding. So brace yourself for this new opportunity, where you are in control, when you bid for free and win, bidder who wins a bid, must claim it by making payment for the same at the bid price he/she won it at, within 24 hours of the close of bid

Just download the cool Luckystars app and use code AIVGIJCQ while registering to get FREE Luckystars to unlock the giveaway

How To Bid? 

When a Bid opens on the LuckyStars app, to participate, you will need to unlock the Bid by surrendering the specified number of Stars. 

Once the Bid is unlocked, the starting Bid price will be mentioned, along with the incremental price levels for the next higher bid. 

Every Bid you place will need you to surrender a specified number of Stars. You can enter a Bid at any stage provided the Bid is still open. 

You can place any number of Bids till the bidding comes to a close i.e. when there are no new bids being placed by bidders and the last bidder’s name will be shown as leading the Bid. 

This will be accompanied by the words: ‘Going Once’, ‘Going Twice’ and ‘Sold’, with a time-gap of 1 minute between each of these 3 announcements. You can still bid before the ‘Sold’ announcement is made.


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