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People ask what does it take to trend on Twitter or facebook or youtube or anywhere on internet ? Well, you could be controversial or big celebrity. or maybe paid an hefty amount for a sponsored trend or set we can setup a simple chain storm for you by giving away goodies that people love to get.

One of the best reasons to use a freebie is to grow your email list or consumer base. Your email list is possibly the single most important asset to your online business, so anything you can do to grow your list faster will have a significant impact on your success.

creating a freebie to distribute from your website or blog it is best to forget that you will be offering it for free, and pretend that you will be selling it. If you give it the same degree of care that you would give to a product that you will be selling your freebie will be far more valuable to users, and it will be more effective for you as a promotional tool, that where we can pitch and offer amazing contests and sweepstakes for you to make your website go viral offering various prizes and freebies in return for your loyal customer base.


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