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One of the best Kabaddi contest online, so raid your way to win exciting prizes worth Rs.10000 for free, score more by traveling further in the game, get level ups, highest points wins grand prizes. Play Score MORE Win MORE than 300 Prizes up-to Rs 10,000


The contest will be hosted on Tata motors website. 
Interested participants would need to register on the game with their first name, last name, email id and password. There is no entry fee for this contest. To enter the game, participants will have to login using their Facebook or Gmail account, or can manually enter any other valid email ID. Participants need to read and follow the instructions provided.


Free-to-enter promotional game herein after referred to as the contest is open only to legal residents of the India who are at least Sixteen years of age as on March 1st, 2017. Employees, agents, partners or officers of Tata Motors Limited or of any entity involved in the development, production, implementation and distribution of the contest, including any advertising or promotion agency, parent company, service provider, subsidiary or affiliate of any such entity or any other entity directly associated with tata motors or any member of the immediate family of a person living in the same household as such persons are ineligible to enter the contest


a) Once the participants enter the Microsite, they will see the landing page of the game. 
b) On the landing page participant’s registers on the Kabaddi Challenge page using Google or Facebook credentials. 
c) Participants will have to login using their Facebook or Gmail login credentials hereafter. User can also be given option to register as a new user. 
d) On Login via Facebook and Gmail following process takes place: 

1. User can login via Facebook or Gmail. 
2. On Login system captures the data fetched from social response, like email id, first last name of the user. 
3. As we require additional information of user during the first-time login or registration
e) Once a user fills in his details, he will need to select the terms and conditions check box to proceed further. 
f) Post Login and validation the User is directed to the next screen which is the Menu Screen. 
g) On Menu page, the participant can go through How to play tab to learn how to play the game, and post which they can start the game. 
h) On game start, participant will be taken to game screen where they can see Kabaddi players. Red player as the participant and seven players in green colour which is controlled by computer. 
i) Participants can also see the interesting facts about Tata Yodha by clicking on Yodha Trivia tab on the menu screen 
j) Participants can check the leader board status of top 10 players and their ranking by clicking on leader board tab on the menu screen 
k) Participants can click on Profile tab to check their current game play status

Desktop Users : (How to Play) 

1. To start the raid, use the arrow keys to move the red player up and down and sideways. 
2. Tap the spacebar continuously keeping the Kabaddi meter charged. 
3. Approach the opponents and tag them to get points. 
4. If you step too close, you may get tackled. 
5. A raid is complete only when you cross the centre line. 

Mobile Users : (How to Play) 

1. To start the raid, tilt the mobile forward and back to move the player up and down
2. Steer it sideways to move it left and right
3. Keep tapping the mobile to charge the Kabbadi meter
4. Approach the opponents and tag them to get points
5. If you step too close, you may get tackled
6. A raid is complete only when you cross the center line

Game Pointing System Tackle Points 

10 points on every player touched 
Max points can be scored will be 70 All Out Bonus 
Only if a player tackles all 7 players, he is eligible to receive 100 bonus points 
Max points can be scored will be 100 

Leader board page

 User can see top 10 leader from each zone available to him, also his current standing in the game

Line Bonus 
When a user touches the Bonus line, he is entitled to get 50 points. 
Max score can be scored is 50 points 

Time Bonus Points 

When a user tackles all 7 players, and crosses the half line within a stipulated time, the time he saves gets converted into bonus points x 10 
For example  if a user is playing round 1 of 45 secs and crosses the half line in 20 secs after tackling all players  he gets 250 bonus points saving 25 secs x 10 

Zero or No Points to be given on the following occasions 

When a player gets tackled 
When a player stops hitting space bar (desktop) or tapping screen (mobile) 
If a user fails to cross the half line within the given time


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