#FlipkartiPhoneXQuiz – How well do you know the new iPhone X?

iPhone X is now selling like hot cake (Shop HERE), want to win one for Free stay tuned at FforFree.net.  How well do you know the latest flagship smartphone from Apple? Play the #FlipkartiPhoneXQuiz to find out! 10 lucky winners will take home Flipkart gift vouchers and more

iPhone X Quiz Contest Answer Here
Quiz 1 : The new iPhone X is available in how many variants?
Answer : 2
Quiz 2 : The new apple iPhone X comes with which of the following chips?
Answer : A11 Bionic
Quiz 3 : The iPhone X comes with which of the following cameras?
Answer : Dual 12MP cameras
Quiz 4 : According to Apple, how much longer does the new iPhone X battery last as compared to the iPhone 7?
Answer : 120 Minute

Quiz 5 : The new iPhone X’s fast charging option gives the phone?
Answer : 50 percent in 30 minutes

Quiz 6 : The iPhone X has which of the following features?
Answer : Face ID

Quiz 7 : The iPhone X comes with which of the following processors?
Answer : Hexa-core

Quiz 8 : Speaking of the iPhone X’s stunning design, what type of enclosure does the Phone come with?
Answer : Glass-encased body

Quiz 9 : What is the screen size of the iPhone X?
Answer : 5.8-inch

Quiz 10 : iPhones sell well globally. So, out of 500 smartphones sold worldwide, how many of them are iPhones?
Answer : 60

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