#FlipkartVeteransQuiz – Read all about the Veterans of Flipkart and win big!

How to Play the Flipkart Veterans Quiz and win exciting gift vouchers.

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Ten contestants who complete these steps stand a chance to win Flipkart electronic gift vouchers worth ₹500 each. The contest will close on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

All Answers of Quiz of Flipkart Veterans Quiz Contest:

Veterans Quiz 1: Over the past decade, Flipkart has grown in leaps & bounds. How many people work at Flipkart today?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: Over 26,000

Veterans Quiz 2: Which year, according to the veterans, is considered to be one of Flipkart’s most challenging one in the e-commerce industry?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: 2012

Veterans Quiz 3: Leeni O’Connor did not captain her university’s teams in which of the following sports?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: Football
Veterans Quiz 4: How many years after becoming a Flipster did Leeni O’Connor introduce Flipkart Assured to India’s e-commerce industry ?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: 4 Years
Veterans Quiz 5: When Deepti Agrawal joined Flipkart, which of the following departments, according to her, had fewer women?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: Engineering

Veterans Quiz 6: What is Gokul Krishnan’s designation as a Flipster?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: Catalog Manager

Veterans Quiz 7: Neha Srivastava’s work in introducing ‘Green Bags’ had the potential to save ₹________.

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: 1 crore

Veterans Quiz 8: For how many years has Neha Srivastava been a Flipster?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: 6 Years

Veterans Quiz 9: Which among the following genres in novels does Deepti Agrawal enjoy the most?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: Thriller
Veterans Quiz 10: Where did Leeni O’Connor work before she became a Flipster?
Flipkart Quiz Answer is: TESCO

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