#FlipkartThrowbackQuiz – Do you know how it all began?

Play the Flipkart Throwback Quiz and win exciting gifts vouchers. The answers are hidden in the links provided in the quiz.
For the prizes the winning entries must fulfill the following steps for sure.
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Ten contestants who complete these steps stand a chance to win Flipkart electronic gift vouchers  worth ₹500 each. The contest will close on Wednesday February 14, 2018

All Answers of Flipkart Throwback Quiz

Throwback Quiz 1: Who was Flipkart’s first employee?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: Ambur Lyyappa.

Throwback Quiz 2: Before joining Flipkart, Ambur Iyyappa worked with which company?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: First Flight Couriers.

Throwback  Quiz 3: During Flipkart’s early years, Sachin, Binny and Ambur entered orders manually into the system. What software did they use?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: Microsoft Excel.

Throwback  Quiz 4: VVK Chandra was the first Flipkart customer. Where was he from?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: Mahabubnagar, Telangana.

Throwback  Quiz 5: The first Flipkart order was for a book named ‘Leaving Microsoft’. What was the price of the book?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: Rs 500.

Throwback  Quiz 6: The book ordered by VVK Chandra was available in one bookstore only. What was the name of the shop?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: Sapna Book Store.

Throwback Quiz 7: When Renuka Khandelwal joined Flipkart in 2010, how many engineers were part of the team?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: 25.

Throwback Quiz 8: Renuka interacted with Flipkart Co-Founder Binny Bansal when she was building a critical system. What system was it?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: Crawling system.

Throwback Quiz 9: Back in 2010, when Renuka joined Flipkart as the first woman engineer, which of these were high-level teams in engineering?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: Website and Operations.

Throwback Quiz 10: Flipkart’s first customer, Chandra, received his first Flipkart order on what date?

Flipkart Quiz Answer is: November 02, 2007.


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