Participate in our #LoveOnCloud9W Contest on Facebook and Twitter and stand a chance to win Jet Airways flight tickets to Paris Express your Love On Cloud 9W and tell us why you want to go to Paris with your loved one. One lucky couple gets a return ticket to this city of love.

Jet Airways organised this Contest. Participation in this Contest constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before participating. Jet Airways reserves the right to cancel or amend the Contest or the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

CONTEST PERIOD: The contest will end on 11 February, 2018.

Entries submitted post the Contest Days and time will not be considered and no communication will be entertained by Jet Airways in this regard. Selection of the winner’ entries will be at the sole discretion of Jet Airways.


1. This Contest is open to participants aged 18 or above.
2. The Contest is valid for Indian citizens residing in India (except for state of Tamil Nadu). It is also valid for Hong Kong citizens.
3. Employees, officers, directors, and their relatives (whether residing in the same household or not) and/or those living in the same household of each, of Jet Airways, sponsors and their respective parents, associates, affiliated and subsidiary companies, advertising and promotion agencies, legal and financial advisors, and any and all companies professionally connected with this Contest, are not eligible to participate in this Contest.

To enter the Contest on Jet Airways’ official Facebook page & Twitter account, and on
1. Express your #LoveOnCloud9W by sharing a reason as to why you want to go to Paris with your loved one as a comment on the contest post/tweet.
2. Make sure you also tag @JetAirways and use #LoveOnCloud9W in the same comment.
3. Share our Contest post with family & friends and encourage them to participate!
1. Entries will be selected from individual participants only. Entries not submitted in accordance with the instructions provided by Jet Airways and the Terms and Conditions, shall not be considered and Jet Airways shall bear no responsibility for any such entries. In case any entry is not in conformance with the Terms and Conditions, then Jet Airways may delete/disqualify such entries without any notice to the participants.
2. You warrant that (a) you are legally competent to enter into binding contracts under applicable laws; and (b).all information you have provided , including your name, age, state, city, address etc. is true, correct, accurate and complete and that you are authorized to provide such information, and consents to the use of such information by Jet Airways and its advertising agency/event management company; 3. By participating in this Contest, you agree to receive communication(s) from Jet Airways and/or its authorised third party agency/ event Management Company relating to the Contest and you unconditionally agree not to make any claim or raise any complaint against Jet Airways and/or its officers, directors, employees, subsidiary or any authorized third party agency in this respect.
3. You represent and warrant that your entry / photo (if applicable) and all elements thereof (i) do not infringe or violate the rights of any third party, including but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, logos, contract and licensing rights, rights of publicity or privacy, moral rights, or any other intellectual property rights; (ii) are not subject to any third party agreements, and that Jet Airways will not be required to pay or incur any sums to any person or entity as a result of their ownership, acquisition, use or exploitation of the entry, or rights therein; (iii) were made with the understanding that any required permissions have been obtained; (iv) do not contain any content that is likely to be considered offensive by Jet Airways or that could adversely affect the name, reputation, or goodwill of Jet Airways, and; (v) the entry / photo (if applicable) uploaded is yours and not of any third person viz. celebrity/actor etc.
4. Jet Airways reserves the right to disqualify any entry at its sole discretion, and also disqualify an entries which in Jet Airways' sole and absolute discretion (i) include trademarks, logos, copyrighted material or confidential information not owned by participant or used without permission (such as company names, music, photographs, works of art or images published on or in websites, television, movies or other media); (ii) refer to public figures; (iii) contain profanity, pornographic or sexual content, content promoting alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, or firearms or weapons, hateful content of any kind, content that promotes violence or harm to another living creature; (iv) promote a political agenda regardless of the political affiliation and regardless of Jet Airways' treatment of other entries that may or may not promote a political agenda; (v) defame, misrepresent, or contain offensive/disparaging remarks about other people (living or dead), companies, brands, communities, gender, physical/racial attributes; or (vi) encourage money laundering or gambling or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatever; (vii) cause annoyance or inconvenience or deceive or mislead the customers about the origin of such content which is grossly offensive or menacing in nature; (viii) opposed to standards of morality or decency, be lascivious or appeals to prurient interest or the effect thereof is such as to tend to deprave or corrupt any person; (ix) contain materials embodying the names, likenesses, photographs or other identifying elements of any person, living or dead, without permission; (x) are such that they could give ground for action for defamation or misrepresentation or breach of confidence or breach of copyright or is otherwise offensive to the public; (xi) are such that communicate or incite terrorism, misuse of weapon, or encourage or incite a person to commit criminal offence; or (xii) are such that suggest or encourage or incite any person to use harmful substance or engage to dangerous practices.
5. All entries become the exclusive property of Jet Airways and will not be returned. By participating in this Contest you hereby grant permission to Jet Airways and agents of Jet Airways to use the photograph, entry, images, image captions and stories uploaded on Jet Airways’ Facebook page / sent to Jet Airways and they shall remain the property of Jet Airways for use at Jet Airways’ sole discretion in perpetuity, without any notice/ permission/ royalty to you. 


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