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All Answers of Amazon Cricket Quiz Contest:

Question 1 of 7
In a full, uninterrupted T20 match, each bowler may bowl a max. of __ overs per innings?


Answer - 4

Question 2 of 7
In a Super Over, which team bats first?

The team which batted second in the match
Depends on the Umpire's wishes
The team which batted first in the match
The team that won the toss

Answer - The team which batted second in the match

Question 3 of 7
In cricket, what does the term Skipper refer to?

The youngest team member
The team captain
The 3rd batsmen
The wicket keeper

Answer - The team captain

Question 4 of 7
In the context of cricket, what does T20 stand for?

Table tennis practice
Twenty-20 cricket
Tea break for 20 minutes
A match held in a Tier 2 city

Answer - Twenty-20 cricket

Question 5 of 7
In T20 international matches, which batsman holds the record for most runs off of one over?

Yuvraj Singh
JC Buttler
AB de Villiers
Chris Gayle

Answer - Yuvraj Singh

Question 6 of 7
What would Alexa reply if you ask 'Alexa, which cricket teams are playing today'

Tell you the world record for the most wickets
Tell you the name of her favorite wicket keeper
Sing The Cricket Rap for you
Tell you the names of the teams playing that day

Answer - Tell you the names of the teams playing that day

Question 7 of 7
What can Alexa NOT tell you about a cricket match?

Predict the outcome before the match
Tell you when the next cricket match is
Name the competing teams
Tell you the latest scores

Answer - Predict the outcome before the match

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT:  Amazon will also post the winners names on Amazon Cricket Quiz page by 31st May 2018


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