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Question 1 of 5

I come once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years. What am I?

Full Moon
The letter 'M'
Halley's comet
60 seconds

Answer - The letter 'M'.

Question 2 of 5

I can go up and come down without moving. What am I?

A spaceship
The temperature
A peacock

Answer - The temperature.

Question 3 of 5

A carpet of rice, flour, sand or petals. What am I?

Venetian lace
Aladdin's carpet

Answer - Rangoli.

Question 4 of 5

Scratch my head, see me turn from black to red. What am I?

A puppy
A match stick
Lottery ticket
A volcano

Answer - A match stick

Question 5 of 5

To throw me, you’d prefer a crowd. What am I?

A party

Answer - A party

Other Common Riddle Questions

1. A Carpet of Rice ,flour,sand or petals. what am I ? Answer: Rangoli. 

2. I go up , I go down. Towards the Sky and Ground. What Am I ? Answer: Rocket Firecracker. 

3. To Throw me You'd Prefer Crowd. What am I ? Answer: A Party. 

4. I have Hearts but no other Organs. What am I ? Answer: A deck of Cards.

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