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Quiz 1 : In the context of a T20 Match what is a "Free Hit"

Answer : if Bowler Delivers a No-Ball

Quiz 2 : Which mathematical formulation is used to rset targets in rain affected cricket Matches?

Answer : The Duckworth-Lewis (D/L) Method

Quiz 3 : In The Context of cricket what is a "Dot-Ball"?

Answer : A Delivery Bowled without any runs scored off it

Quiz 4 : In The Context of T20 MAtch What is "Power Play"?

Answer : During The First 6 Overs a Max. of Two Fielders can be outside the 30 yard Circle.

Quiz 5 : Which of these is NOT a Type of Delivery in Cricket?

Answer : Evil

Quiz 6 : Presently, Who is the captain of the India's Women's T20 International Team?

Answer : Harmanpreet Kaur

Quiz 7 : In Which Country did Twenty 20 Cricket First Originate?

Answer : England

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