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Answers of Amazon Moto Riddles Quiz 28th May 2018
Q.1 I have a shutter, sometimes not just one but two, that works best when you say ‘Cheese’. What am I?
Answer - Camera/ Dual camera
Q 2.I am the ‘classic’ greeting you have probably heard of before, use me as a ringtone or sing it as a song
Answer -  Hello Moto
Q 3.The Khaleesi has 3 like me, but I have the power to ‘snap’. Who am I?
Answer - Snapdragon
Q 4.Daft Punk won the Grammy in 2014 for me. But I’m also an essential part of your phone. Who am I?
Answer - RAM
Q 5.I am the newest member in the Moto G family. They say I’m a shutterbug, moviebuff, gamingpro and ‘designed with you in mind’. Who am I?
Answer - Moto G6
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