Blazers were never designed to be an outfit. It was supposed to be sportswear. Unbelievable?! Technically, these coats were tailor-made for students of Cambridge and Oxford University students, who were members of the rowing club. This outfit used to keep the rowers away from cold winds. With time, the design infiltrated into the fashion world, and now, blazers have become “must haves” in wardrobes of both men and women. Apart from woolen solid colored unstructured coats, one can opt for cotton, silk and linen blazers as well. The vast variations of colors, fabrics, design, and prints have made blazers vital outfit for all seasons.


Blazer for professional purpose

If you want to become a fashion icon in your office, then blazers are a must. Whether fully
corporate or relaxed environment, these coats will fit any setting. Structured coats can be rather uncomfortable in summers. It is here that these blazers come to your rescue. Linen or cotton blazer coat provide an appropriate office look, minus the discomfort. If you work in the corporate setting, then black, grey, navy blue or brown blazers will come in handy. For a relaxed environment, feel free to play with colors and patterns. Blazers with small black and white checks will complement shirts of any color. These also go well with pencil skirts and

Blazers for casual purpose

If you want to wear a blazer for a casual outing, then you have thousands of options at your
disposal. For the winters, denim or woolen blazers will do the trick. Just pair these sweaters or woolen T-shirts and thick jeans to complete the look. For summers, linen and cotton are your go-to fabrics. These are available in bright as well as subtle shades. If you desire to add an edge, then opt for a printed blazer and team it up with a simple T-shirt and jeans or bermudas. Chinos and cigarette pants will also complement it.


As for ladies, solid colored blazer over a graphic T-shirt with distressed shorts and knee-high boots will make you party-ready. If you are out with your gal pals, merely team up a knee-length floral dress with a subtle colored blazer. No need to wear it. Simply throw it over your shoulders to get the “summer fresh” look. Oversized blazers come in handy when you desire to get a boho-chic look. Opting for dark colors will match the mood.
Don’t miss out on amazing deals
It is not easy to get hold of such amazing blazers. If money is not a factor, then you can flaunt branded expensive blazers. But if you are on a fashion budget, then you need to keep an eye open at all times. Keep an eye open for what? It will ensure that you don’t miss out on fantastic deals that traditional fashion outlets and online sites offer. Yes! Most brands offer a yearly sale or stock clearance sale. You might not find the latest designs, which have just launched. But more often than not, you will hit the jackpot during these sales. High-end fashion brands usually do not offer a discount of more than 30% on their products. If you are lucky, you might get your hands on blazers at half its original cost. Not that is some deal! For instance, Balenciaga blazers will cost anything between $1700 and $2500 or more. Getting a significant discount of these pieces will mean a lot of saving for any fashion fanatic.

End of season sale: Fashion and affordability
There has been a massive rise in the number of online shoppers during the last few years. The online stores are convenient, have a humongous collection to pick from, and offer easy replacements or refunds as well. Traditional stores are great, but if you are looking for great deals, then you have to check out these portal bases shopping stores. These stores have special offers going on nearly throughout the year. But “end of the season” or “Christmas offers” are “flipping awesome.” On these occasions, you can end up with a price drop of as much as 70%. That has to sound like music to the ears of all fashion lovers. They even offer high-end clothes and accessories at such high discounts. Check the customer reviews before sealing the deal. However, not all sites provide genuine pieces. Don’t forget to compare the offers on several online stores. Order the blazer shorts, shoes and accessories from a portal based that offers maximum savings.
Thrift stores: A pleasant surprise for fashionistas

If you have a notion that thrift stores are full of dupes and outdated clothes, then one trip to the thrift store near you will change your outlook. Sounds unbelievable? Well! It is time you figured it out on your own. If you are looking for reasonably priced dupes of high-end brands, then these stores are a “must visit” for you. But don’t think you will only find clothes and accessories, which were a hit last summer. You will get that too. But thrift stores often surprise customers with latest and in-fashion outfits as well. The best part is, these stores offer you blazers at dirt-cheap prices. Next time when you go out shopping, do check out these stores. You never know when you will end up with a gem.

Discount coupons: Your ultimate redemption

Last but not the least; another way of guaranteeing great deals is by getting your hands on discount coupons. There are some sites, which offer such clothing and accessory discount coupons. Apart from this, online stores also offer discount coupons on a purchase of a certain sum. These coupons can be redeemed on your next purchase. It also assists in slashing the prices by a significant amount. So, gear up and start collecting those discount coupons today.

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