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Step 2 - Sign in or Sign Up Your Amazon Account

Step 3 - Find Amazon Daily Morning Quiz Contest Banner as seen above

Step 4 - Give All Answer of the Quiz correctly

Step 5 - After Giving all Answer correctly you are eligible for the Lucky Draw to Win.

Today's PRIZE : Moto G6

All Answers to Win A Moto G6 Quiz

1. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) was founded in 1875, originally known as ‘The Native Share and Stock Brokers Association’. Who was the founder?

Answer: Premchand Roychand

2. In terms of area which is the smallest continent?

Answer: Australia

3. The Decathlon is an atheletic competition lasting two consecutive days in the Olympics, and cosists of 10 trac-and-field events. Which one of these is NOT a part of it?

Answer: Hammer Throw

4. A ‘Yottabyte’ is a multiple of the unit ‘byte’, used for measuring digital information. How big is 1 Yottabyte?

Answer: A trillion Terabytes

5. In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which was the only goal-less draw of the tournament?

Answer: Denmark vs. France

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