How To Participate and Win Honor Play Phones

1 Sign in/sign up in the contest page >> ENTER HERE
2 Visit the event page and enter the bid amount.
3 Submit the bid amount
4 Edit your bid any time before 11:59 PM to make ineligible for the current day.

Prize to be won for Free
1. All work, No play - 1 Honor Play
2. Gaming Genre poll - 5 Honor Bands
3. Shanghai Showdown - 2 Honor Plays
4. Live stream event - 1 Honor Play

1. Teaser phase - 30th July - 2nd August
2. Pre-Launch phase - 2nd August - 6th August
3. Launch phase - 6th August
4. Post-Launch - 6th August - 8th August
1. All work, No play - In this activity, we ask you a question on mobile gaming and the user will answer the question in detail and submit it to us. The Honor team will then decide which is the most creative, funny, and relevant answer and on the basis of various criterias decide who the winner is. The winner of this activity receives a free Honor Play. This activity begins on 30th July and goes on till 6th August. The winner will be announced post the launch live stream.
2. Gaming Genre Poll- In this activity, we ask the users a simple choice based question. User must select an option and submit their answer. This activity will open on 2nd August 4 PM. and will be held till 7th August 11.59 PM. We will select a winner from the winning option everyday and that winner would recieve an Honor Band 3. The winning option will be announced daily when the new question for the day will be put up. All the daily winners will be declared on 8th August.
3.Shanghai Showdown - This is a promotional game made for the launch of Honor play. The game will run from 2nd August 4PM till 8th August 10 AM. All scores above 750km within this timeframe would be considered for a lottery. Two lucky winners will be selected and will be awarde Honor Play phones. (We have the right to declare any entry invalid if we feel unfair practice was used to increase the score)
4. Live stream event - During our live launch streaming we would ask the viewers three questions and the viewers have to reply on the live chat with the answers to those questions. All viewers who get all the three questions right, will be eligible for winning an Honor Play phone. Only one lucky winner would be declared for this event after the launch.

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