How to Play and Win Amazon Daily Quiz Answers ?
1. Download Amazon App from >> ENTER HERE
2. Sign up or Log in to Amazon App.
3. On “HomePage” You will see Banner of Quiz on Top.
4. Click on that, and then on the Start button to Start Quiz.
5. The Quiz has started now Answers are provided below.
Amazon Quiz 6th November All Answers Today
  1. Who was the second man to walk on the moon?  Answer - Edwin 'buzz' Aldrin
  2. In which city would you find the Colosseum, an amphitheater built in the first century to honor the Flavian dynasty? Answer - Rome,Italy
  3. Which historical event does Charles Dickens' novel 'The Tale of Two Cities' concern? Answer - The French Revolution
  4. In which country would you find Victoria Falls, classified as the world's largest sheet of falling water based on its combined width and height? Answer - Zambia
  5. In which country would you find North Cape, the northernmost point in Europe that can be accessed by road? Answer -Norway
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