24th quiz to test you on your knowledge of vegetarian facts and cuisine. We bring you a quiz that is not as easy as it seems. Three lucky winners stand to win gift vouchers worth Rs 5,000 each get the perfect score and take a screenshot of your scores.Use your existing Yahoo email and send your screenshots to this mail id: Yahoo.India.Contests@oath.com Include your first name and age, and write ‘Yahoo Quiz Contest #24′ as the subject line.

All Yahoo Quiz Answers

Quiz 1 : Vegetarians

Answer : Have lower rates of obesity

Quiz 2 : Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra is famous for which fruit?
Answer : Strawberry

Quiz 3 : This dish is made of kidney beans with assorted spices. What is it called?

Answer : Rajma Chawal

Quiz 4 : Traditionally, in which season is Undhiyu made?

Answer : Winter

Quiz 5 : What types of foods have been proven to help prevent coronary artery disease, obesity, diabetes and many cancers?

Answer : Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Legumes And Nuts

Quiz 6 : What do you call 'lauki' in English?

Answer : Bottle Gourd

Quiz 7 : The only thing vegans avoid are meat and milk: True or False?

Answer : False

Quiz 8 : In India, what is the percentage of vegetarians?

Answer : 71%

Quiz 9 : Bibimbap, the popular Korean dish, means what in English?

Answer : Mixed Rice

Quiz 10 : Which country is Gazpacho from?

Answer : Spain


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