Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

In order to help the subscribers migrating to the new DTH channel packs, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India - Trai has launched a channel selector application. The channel selector app available on the Trai official website, which will list out the channels before actually finalizing them. 

Channel selector app will allow subscribers to get lowest pricing for their channel selection and to have an appropriate estimate about what they will be paying every month. 

How to use Trai Channel Selector Application ?
After going to the channel selector app in the above link Click on the “Get Started” button you will then be asked to fill in your details like Name, Mobile number, service provider details and previous bill amount which is optional. Based on your selection of state, you will be given choices among various languages including regional ones. On the next page, you will be asked to select among multiple categories like News, Music, Movies, Sports etc. Finally you will be asked to choose HD or SD or both.Finally after making all these choices the channel selector application will recommend that you start by making choices in the Free to Air channel tab. 
On top of your screen, you will be able to see your total selections under the “Channels Selected” area it will also display the total prices of your selection, after you making the selection from the FTA section, you can navigate to the “Pay Channels” tab to select your a-la-carte channels as well.
When you are ready, tap on the optimise button which is the game changer on the Trai channel selector application which will eliminate your repetitive additions in the cart and it will also find out if you could replace your group of individual channels by a list which is more cheaper so you can get the lowest price for your selection.

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