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How Instagram Giveaways Work?

There are multiple approaches for running Instagram giveaways and there’s no right or wrong way. Your strategy for the Instagram giveaway is based on your objective and the types of actions that you ask your target audience to take. If your audience is made up of a lot of selfie-haters, hosting a “post a selfie to win” contest will likely turn into a major disaster.  You can choose 1 of the following Giveaways generally involve some variation on  following types of contests:
  • Like to Win Contests – These are the simplest Instagram giveaways to run. Because you’re simply asking people to follow your account and like a post, you’re not taking the risk of alienating anyone by asking them to do something outlandish 
  • Tag a Friend – In this giveaway, followers are asked to leave a comment and tag a friend in your post for a chance to win.
  • Post a Picture or Selfie – Ask followers to post a picture relevant to your brand along with a contest-specific hashtag. If you’re not requiring selfies, you’ll get better engagement from any selfie-averse followers.
  • Share This Post – Post an image specific to the contest and enter anyone who shares and tags the post with your #ContestHashtag in the giveaway. 
These are 5 simple steps to running an good Instagram giveaway
  1. Decide a giveaway theme e.g. I want more followers or more comments or likes or promote sales of product?
  2. Decide rules of the giveaway e.g Age to enter, country or audience preference, contacting winners, prize distrubution, etc..
  3. Choose deadlines e.g. Start and end date of contest, winner announcement dates, etc..
  4. Choose prizes for winners
  5. Promote your giveaway  Submit them for free to our blog at for even better engagement >> 

Examples of Simple Instagram Giveaways

A Company celebrates the milestone of reaching the 100k followers by running a contest to earn a few more. They asked fans to follow @fforfree and tag 3 friends in the post comments to enter to win a simple prize.
Another company wanted followers to comment on their post with their favorite product and tag a friend and win that product for free.
Running a giveaway on Instagram is great strategy, give them a try, and submit them for free to our blog at for even better engagement >> 


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