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SEMrush has come up with an interesting concept of a Quick-Fire Quiz which will challenge marketers and the depth of their knowledge, especially their instant recall skills 50 smart and lucky winners will get a SEMrush Holi Gift Box each, the contents of which will remain a mystery until the box is opened

Which SEMrush tool automatically analyzes your blog content and segments it to 4 categories: rewrite, update, review, poor content?

Engagement is the key to a successful website. What factors affect your website engagement the most? 

Google is processing a very large fraction of queries using artificial intelligence. What is the AI called? 

Which SEMrush tool analyzes top 10 articles, based on the keyword you entered, and gives you ideas on the semantically related words you should include in your new content to make it rank high in Google? 

What’s the most evident advantage of mobile marketing over desktop marketing? 

One major drawback of having your website pages AMP enabled is Which SEMrush tool provides you the top questions people ask in web and forums about particular topic? 

Maximizing profits through offering low-priced products and cross selling is a renown phenomenon. It is called? 

For which match keyword is the syntax “ “ used while creating Ad groups? 

Which Bidding Strategy would you use to overpower your competitors with a higher ad rank? In your AdWord extensions, can you include sitelinks that land outside your website? 

What is the most expensive keyword for the Travel industry in Maharashtra?

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