Go to google and type "Thanos" in your Google search bar and wait for the search engine to eliminate 50% of the search results, just how Thanos likes to eliminate 50% of universe population.. 

How it works:

Once you Google "Thanos", the super villain's Infinity stone-studded thanos infinity gauntlet (seen in image above) will appear on the right corner of your computer screen.

Click on the Inifnity gauntlet, and Google will proceed with an animation of Infinity Gauntlet snapping its fingers.

What happens next?

You will see the Google search results disintegrating into dust one by one. From Wikipedia entry, to the list of actors in the Avengers: Endgame to its IMDb page nothing will survive Thanos' fist snap.

Number of Google search results will also drop by half instantly

Good news. You can reverse the snapping and destruction caused by Thanos. Click on the gauntlet again and all your search results will be restored for original results

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