Enterprise Architects are specialists tasked with aiding an organization to develop its IT infrastructure. Moreover, they play an important role in ensuring streamlined communication among multiple teams in an organization.

Once you become TOGAF certified, you show potential employers that you are knowledgeable on a wide range of organizational tasks and able to deal with technology lifecycle, portfolio management, architecture strategy, and more. You also prove your ability to develop and reorganize a business architecture to eliminate its inadequacies.

What a Certified TOGAF Professional Does

Prepaway is a credential for Enterprise Architects. Once you get TOGAF certified, you can handle technical processes within an organization. As an Enterprise Architect, you will be responsible for the maintenance and development of the enterprise architecture, implementation of ICT solutions and architecture strategies, and creation of the methodologies, tools, and standards.

You will also be tasked with ensuring that all aspects of the technical flow are clear and all IT-related processes are streamlined.In simple terms, as TOGAF certified specialist, you are tasked with ensuring that the organization’s goals and objectives are aligned with all the aspects of information technology.Usually, TOGAF certified professionals are in high demand, especially in large organizations. Besides, you can also work on IoT projects once you have gone through the
TOGAF training.

So, these are just a couple of benefits of TOGAF credential. Read on to discover more reasons why you should consider getting TOGAF certified.

1. Affordable Certification with High Returns

Most people, when they hear about certification, think of the costs incurred to earn one.That’s not the case when you want to get TOGAF credential. Unlike other certifications, becoming TOGAF certified does not cost you much. In fact, you can choose your certification path:

  • You can take only TOGAF 9 Part 1 exam and earn foundation-level certification
  • You can take both TOGAF 9 Part 1 and TOGAF 9 Part 2 exams and become a certified specialist

TOGAF is one of the budget-friendly certifications you should never miss. You will need $320 for the foundation exam. Besides, you can also register to take both exams for $495 only. If you consider the amount you will spend on training courses, you will come to the conclusion that TOGAF certification is the most affordable of all with clear savings for your future.

2. There is a Huge Demand for TOGAF Certified Professionals

As more and more people in IT and other sectors start to realize the long-term significance of enterprise architecture, the demand for TOGAF certified professionals increase. IT technology and architecture are applicable to many aspects of the business. For that reason, business owners opt to hire TOGAF specialists to handle the tasks related to enterprise architecture.Failure to do this may lead to the technology disaster in the company. So, if you are ready to meet these challenges, you should get TOGAF certified.

3. Higher Chances of Getting a Pay Rise

Once you get your TOGAF credential, you become valuable to businesses and organizations. You also increase the chances of getting a pay rise. Moreover, TOGAF certification is an investment in your skills and your future.

Today, TOGAF certified professionals are sought-after more than ever. This is due to the fact that the TOGAF framework is applicable to multiple job roles. Payscale.com puts the salary for a TOGAF certified professional at around $132K per year.

4. TOGAF Certification Exposes You to Limitless Opportunities

Whether it’s in the manufacturing, banking, or any other business, a TOGAF certified professional can fit in well with any industry.Companies are thirsty for TOGAF specialists who can solve their IT (and not only IT) problems. That means you have plenty of exciting opportunities in your hands once you get certified.

5. Solve Your Organization’s Problems

TOGAF equips you with the skills and knowledge to help you meet your organization’s needs. As an Enterprise Architect, you are able to understand how the IT budget should be spent in a more efficient manner and how the organization’s employees can work more productively. This way, you can improve and streamline the organizational processes. Your skills can also be beneficial when it comes to reducing costs.

6. You Get Trusted by Employers and Clients

TOGAF certification is recognized around the globe.Therefore, youget a high level of trust not only from your employers but also customers and colleagues. This way, the business minimizes friction in the management of enterprise architecture. TOGAF credential is undisputed evidence of high-level skills.

7. A Worthwhile Career Investment

Since TOGAF is a trusted certification that equips individuals with sought-after skills and knowledge, you become a valuable asset to your organization. You also become ready to take up different functions within the enterprise.

The Details of TOGAF Certification

TOGAF certification is administered by Open Group. The organization is technology-neutral, and the credential vendor-neutral as well. To become TOGAF certified, you must pass two exams which are also administered by the Open Group for TOGAF professionals.

The exams include:

  • TOGAF 9Foundation (Level 1)

This is the level 1 certification for TOGAF 9. Usually this certification tests on the basic understanding of the TOGAF 9.1 components. The exam lasts 60 minutes and comprises of 40 questions. The passing score is 55%.

  • TOGAF 9 Certified (Level 2)

TOGAF 9 Certified Level 2 is the advanced certification exam which validates your knowledge and understanding of the application of TOGAF concepts.Unlike the Foundation certification exam, this one lasts 90 minutes and consists of 8 questions. The required pass mark for the exam is 60%.


As you have read above, you can see that earning TOGAF certification is advantageous to you and the organization in which you are going to work. TOGAF is an affordable certification which will surely bring you plenty of benefits and take your career to a whole new level!


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