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All Answers of Mega Quiz Contest

Quiz 1 : Who wields the hammer in Marvel Comics?
Answer : Thor

Quiz 2 : What is the name of Harry Potter’s pet owl?
Answer : Hedwig

Quiz 3 : What is the capital of Pakistan?
Answer : Islamabad

Quiz 4 : What is the actual name of Flynn Rider in the Movie ‘Tangled’?
Answer : Eugene Fitzherbert

Quiz 5 : Which continent is also a country?
Answer : Australia

Quiz 6 : Where does silk come from?
Answer : silkworms

Quiz 7 : What colors do you mix to create Green color?
Answer : Blue And Yellow

Quiz 8 : What are the holes in the nose called?
Answer : Nostrils

Quiz 9 : What is the top color in a rainbow?
Answer : Red

Quiz 10  : Who is Thor’s brother?
Answer : Loki


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